What our customers are saying.

  • Jesse Heimer :: www.heimerhamps.com

    From the very beginning, Encore Visions has played a pivotal role in building the HH Brand. In a competitive yet rewarding industry, EV delivers the service and strategies we need to have a strong presence and an effective message. Creativity, attention to detail and the know-how to stay ahead of the technology curve are all important to our approach to marketing and Encore Visions is simply the best. Support by SEO Engines.

    - Jesse Heimer :: www.heimerhamps.com
  • Lisa Norton :: www.surechamp.com

    Encore Visions “got it” when building the Sure Champ brand in a way that reflected the “we want to be a part of that” community we were trying to build.  Their patience, challenges, persistence and simple explanations made the process of building our website and image interesting and informative. Since we have our own internal marketing and creative staff, it was important for EV to work with us not for us.  EV did a great job of making it a true team effort where everyone felt included.  We loved the discussions about the “community” we were trying to create and watching those thoughts take shape into creative designs.

    - Lisa Norton :: www.surechamp.com
  • Randa Yezak :: www.southernjewlz.com

    I have been an EV customer since June 2011. I think one of the strongest points of EV is the design work they do. I remember when they took over my website – the first original proof was beyond anything I could have ever explained to them. They really took and made the image of my company multiple times more fabulous than it already was. I highly recommend Encore Visions!

    - Randa Yezak :: www.southernjewlz.com