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Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in New Website

Giving a regional community organization a clean, professional and fun makeover.

When we were first approached about redoing the website for the Texas Midwest Community Network we were very interested as we had set a goal of branching out in to new industries. But as we began to learn more and more about the TMCN the more excited we became.

The mission of Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) is to promote a regional approach to provide the resources and awareness for its members to achieve economic and community growth.


This was perfect! Just 2 years ago we had made the decision to move from Bryan/College Station to Haskell, one of the communities that makes up the TMCN. Encore Visions was a working example of how the TMCN could help it’s member communities. This was a project that we could not pass up.

After a meeting with TMCN board members we made the following observations:¬†This was a strong organization with a dedicated group of individuals behind the scene. They didn’t need our help in making themselves better they just needed us to help present them to the rest of the world in a manner that fit who they were as an organization.

We did this by creating a very sleek and simple website that did not try to brand them as something they were not. We let the information speak for itself but added supporting imagery that was presented in a manner that makes it seem more modern and fun. A video plays on load that shows a small sampling of what the TMCN is to immediately grab the attention of the user. We added photos of the board members to put a “face” to the website and provide more character. We created an interactive calendar that will allow communities throughout the TMCN to submit their events in a centralized location making it easier for them to spread the word about their events. And finally we made it completely responsive allowing it to display beautifully across all sizes of browsers.

View their website by visiting www.tmcn.org and let us know what you think!

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